Laser-Based Lipo Suction: A Cut Above The Rest

Posted by Dr. Buncke on April 12th, 2012 in Advancements in Plastic Surgery

Let’s face it, traditional lipo suction…sucks. I mean that on every possible level. Traditional lipo suction is a very popular procedure because it’s one of the best ways to remove excess fat and cellulite, but it can also be very painful and the patient will almost always experience significant bruising.

In traditional lip suction, a doctor makes an incision and inserts a powerful vacuum device that then rips and tears the fat from your body. Are these the kinds of actions you want to associate with a medical procedure? I don’t think so. When it’s all over, you’re sore and bruised, wondering if all the pain was worth fitting into a size five.

Don’t worry, there is a better way to do it. Laser-based “smart” lipo suction is revolutionizing the procedure. Few plastic surgeons have adopted the technology at this point, but it does mean a better and less invasive procedure for my patients.

In a laser-based lipo suction procedure, a powerful laser heats up and actually liquefies the fat and cellulite. The vacuum cannula then is able to simply suck up the liquefied fat from the area. No ripping and tearing involved, which should hopefully set your mind at ease.

Since the procedure is much less invasive, your body will recover more easily; there will be much less bruising. Laser lip suction is the 21st Century way of sculpting away that excess fat. The shorter recovery time means you’re up and about much more quickly; with warm weather coming, you can be out on the beach sooner.

When you lose fat from your body too quickly, whether it’s through surgery or dieting, you are often left with excess skin that can be very physically unattractive. With traditional lipo suction procedures, this excess skin is normally cut off, leaving a scar. Using heat to liquefy fat allows us to offer our patients additional benefits as well, because laser-based lipo suction gives you the opportunity to let Mother Nature tighten the skin and avoid additional surgery.

The heat from the laser causes the skin around the liquefied fat to tighten on its own, creating a natural look without the use of surgery or scarring. The extent of the tightening depends on many factors, and sometimes removing excess skin may still be necessary, but the laser can minimize the amount of skin – and therefore the size of the incision and resulting scar – that must be made.

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