Make Cellulite A Thing of the Past With Laser Cellulite Removal

Posted by Dr. Buncke on April 16th, 2012 in Advancements in Plastic Surgery

Stand in any grocery store check out line, and you’ll find at least one magazine making fun of some celebrity out in a bathing suit who has – gasp – cellulite. It’s been called cottage cheese skin and orange peel syndrome by those insensitive to the serious emotional effects cellulite can have on a person. Cellulite is a common problem for most females past puberty and, until the development of laser cellulite removal, there hasn’t been an effective way to reliably remove the deposits.

Cellulite is completely different from cellulose, which is an organic compound that helps make up the cell wall of plants. Cellulose has nothing to do with the human body. Cellulite is deposits of fatty tissue just under the skin that can cause dimpling in the areas of the abdomen and pelvic region because of how it attaches. These dimples can be unsightly, and many women are embarrassed to show those areas in public.

In desperation, people attempting to combat the problem of cellulite have poured money into expensive creams and treatments; there are procedures offered for freezing or even suctioning the outside of the skin.  Unfortunately, suctioning sucked, creams were unreliable and freezing was just painful.  In the end, your skin was still polka dotted with dimples – and you were no closer to that bikini body.

I have been very happy with the laser cellulite removal procedure that I routinely use. Traditional liposuction techniques have had little success in removing the small packets of fatty tissue. The position of cellulite near muscles and connective tissues just below the skin makes them difficult for the suctioning cannula to remove.

I don’t need to go in there and root around, hoping to grab as much of the cellulite as I can. With laser cellulite removal, I create a small incision and use a high temperature laser to actually liquefy the fat and clip the connections, drastically reducing dimpling. Many of the traditional cellulite treatments are also temporary because they don’t actually address the attachments to the skin and the fat directly.

The laser removal process actually changes the shape and reorganizes the tissue so it is much different than before. While the laser cellulite removal process is relatively new, I have long term results that show it is likely a permanent fix. As an added benefit, the heat of the laser actually tightens the loose skin around the treated area.

Often, your skin will shrink to fit your natural contours. Laser cellulite removal is a minimally invasive procedure that can drastically improve your personal body image. While people probably weren’t staring at your dimpled thighs as much as you feared, you’ll be able to go out feeling confident.

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