Reconstructive vs. Cosmetic Surgery

Posted by Dr. Buncke on April 2nd, 2012 in Advantages of Reconstructive Surgery

Many of our patients find the Plastic Surgery Institute through word of mouth, and we see people from all over the world. In some cases, our patients’ search adds up to years of physical and emotional discomfort because they had trouble finding the right surgeon. I hope to help make that search a little easier for people by helping them understand that reconstructive surgeons are often the best choice for any type of plastic surgery, including cosmetic procedures.

Plastic surgery incorporates reconstruction in areas such as posttraumatic wounds or damage incurred from cancer, as well as reconstruction of congenital abnormalities. My colleagues and I at Plastic Surgery Institute and the Buncke Clinic have also taken an extra step by studying microsurgery an additional year. This additional year of study has equipped us with skills and techniques that allow us to perform specialized operations to help people disfigured in accidents or recovering from diseases.

Reconstructive surgeons are capable of bringing a vast amount of experience to cosmetic surgery patients. There is a misconception among patients that specialized cosmetic surgeons are more equipped to handle a situation because they perform the same type of cosmetic procedures over and over. But it is our exposure to such a variety of different challenges as reconstructive surgeons that prepare us to offer innovative and efficient techniques to our cosmetic surgery patients.

Each patient I see presents a unique reconstructive challenge, because each reconstructive surgery I perform is unique.

Reconstructive surgeons are highly attuned to handling serious complications that can arise from cosmetic surgeries, like infection or dead tissue, because they are seen all the time in the reconstructive world. When cosmetic procedures, such as face lifts, inflict nerve damage, reconstructive surgeons have specialized training to reattach the nerves and restore motion to paralyzed facial muscles.

People interested in reconstructive or cosmetic surgery have to ask tough questions to find the best surgeon. Find out what kind of operations a surgeon does, and what their typical procedures are. Ask what they don’t do. Don’t be afraid to do your homework to find the right doctor for you.

I believe that anyone thinking about having plastic surgery should consider the benefit of having that procedure performed by a reconstructive surgeon. Reconstructive and cosmetic surgeons can repair lesions formed by cancer, or offer a child born with a disfigurement of the hands or face to have the opportunity to live a near normal life.

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