Changing the Face of Plastic Surgery

Posted by Dr. Buncke on April 5th, 2012 in Cosmetic Surgery for Men

Turn and face the strange
Just gonna have to be a different man

-David Bowie

In general, people do not like change. Women tend to embrace some change, experimenting with various clothing fashions and hair styles. Men, on the other hand, generally don’t like change. They will wear the same clothing regularly, and they may never change their hair style. Men often also give the impression that they are less psychologically sensitive to the effects of aging when compared to women, and men rarely pursue the advantages of cosmetic surgery.  The reality is, however, that as men reach middle age, they will notice other men who dress, look, and are younger. This becomes significant in the business world, as the market place becomes more competitive.

While cosmetic surgery is most often associated with changing a person’s appearance for much the same reason we change clothing or hair styles, the value of cosmetic changes in the hands of a reconstructive surgeon are considerable.  A person may choose a different hair style or clothing style as a way to feel good about his or her self.  A man’s choice to select blepharoplasty, plastic surgery that targets fat around the eyes, making them look younger, or the choice to select liposuction around the abdomen are valid procedures that not only promote a physical change in a person but an emotional change as well. Facelift and liposuction procedures are the most popular for men.  They want to feel good about themselves, and that is okay. Change can be good.  However, there are some changes we cannot anticipate.

I have seen patients who have lost a finger, who have had skin cancer, or who have had an organ removed as a result of cancer. Such patients do not expect these sudden changes, and cosmetic surgery presents an option often overlooked. Given the volume of elective cosmetic procedures, plastic surgery and surgeons find themselves the victim of a cliché, perceived as an answer to those clients who merely seek to change their appearance. Victims of circumstance, clients who have lost a digit or who have been treated for cancer or who have been in an accident, can benefit from the professional talents of the reconstructive surgeon.

For example, somebody who has been in an automobile accident and has gone through a windshield may have a big facial laceration; their face is torn open, and they must have reconstructive surgery. Our experience performing these kinds of reconstructive surgeries allows us to be better at cosmetic procedures as well; we learn where the facial nerve runs, and we see where the parotid gland (a gland responsible for producing saliva is). When we do a facelift we know that if we go too deep in a particular area, we’re going to be right next to a particular nerve.

We are reconstructive surgeons who also do cosmetic surgery, and like the people that find themselves in need of reconstructive surgery unique to their situation, each person that chooses selective cosmetic surgery receives our individual attention because each reconstructive procedure we do is a little different. Men (and women) can comfortably and without shame turn and face the strange changes, whether the changes are necessary or elective.

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