Variations on Face Lifting

Posted by Dr. Safa on May 15th, 2012 in Face Lifts

A face lift is an intricate procedure, and while it would be devastating to a client for anything to go wrong, it can be just as frustrating to pay thousands of dollars for a cosmetic surgery that does not last very long. I encourage you to educate yourself about the surgery you are considering as well as your surgeon’s capabilities. Because there are many different types of procedures with varying lengths of results, you should make sure your surgeon knows how to perform the type of face lift you desire.

Reconstructive surgeons tend to be more aggressive when performing face lift procedures. Due to reconstructive work on cancer patients as well as extensive experience with facial nerves, reconstructive surgeons have a level of skill that allows for less concern about causing damage. Many plastic surgeons choose to perform a basic skin lift to avoid damaging facial nerves, choosing not to address the underlying musculature. Reconstructive surgeons are experienced in working with deeper tissues and muscles to create longer lasting results.

There are many variations of face lifts, and patients desiring a long-lasting result need to inquire about the technique the surgeon will employ. A less complicated surgery will lead to the results lasting a shorter period of time. The most effective surgery is the elevation of the full SMAS, which is a layer of muscle underneath the skin. Although procedures such as this may be more invasive, it has been proven to increase longevity of the results. More bruising and swelling might occur in the first week, but the results of the procedure will last longer than simply placating or removing the skin. It is important for patients to ask their surgeons how aggressive their surgery is going to be, how much they are going to undermine, whether it is going to be skin only, and the expected length of results.

Although it is good to hear from a surgeon that they will be performing a SMAS procedure of some variation, it can still be difficult to gauge the results from a descriptive standpoint. Patient should request the surgeon’s post-operation photographs and photos long term results. Visible results five to seven years post-op is a good predictor of the longevity of the facelift and can give the patient a comprehensible idea of their surgeon’s skills. As in all procedures, more in-depth surgeries produce longer lasting results, and knowing what to expect will ensure that you have chosen the right method as well as the right surgeon.

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