Natrelle® Breast Implants

We use high quality Natrelle® implants for our breast augmentation and breast reconstruction procedures.


The art and science of breast augmentation and enhancement has improved considerably over the past several years. Now with the Natrelle® Collection women have beautiful and safe options for breast augmentation never before possible.

The Natrelle® Collection is the result of 25 years of experience with the science and aesthetics of breast augmentation and enhancement and represents today’s most current breast augmentation and enhancement technology.

Each woman is unique in her form. And the Natrelle® Collection has a broad range of implants with a design for your body type and breast augmentation or enlargement goals. In addition to silicone gel and saline choices, a woman’s implant is based upon breast width, projection, and volume.

Getting the right implant for an ideal profile is assured with the Natrelle® Collection. With over 140 different implant styles and shapes, the Natrelle® Collection truly provides personalized breast augmentation or enhancement.


The Natrelle® Pre-Consultation Kit is designed to educate you about breast augmentation. Try on different breast sizes in the privacy of your home. Know what to ask your doctor. It includes:

– Elegant Sample Implants and a Profile Bra – Envision yourself with different breast sizes.

– Educational DVD – Take a personal look at the experience of breast augmentation. Two prominent Plastic Surgeons share their before-and-after pictures and take you through an actual consultation.

– Educational Booklet – Understand the topics you may want to cover during your consultation.

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