Perma Facial Implant™

Perma Facial Implants™ are a new method of enhancing lips in a single operation that does not require repeated treatments. After the procedure, a person can enjoy full, youthful lips for many years to come.

Advances in Cosmetic surgery have led to the development of a permanent solution that utilises a silicone implant, The Perma Facial Implant™.

The Perma Facial Implant™ is made out of soft solid silicone and has been developed over the last four years by Plastic Surgeons in the United States. Perma Facial Implant™ is a revolutionary method of enhancing lips in a single safe procedure that does not require repeated treatments. Unlike other available implants, Perma Facial Implant™ does not rupture or grow into the surrounding tissue, nor harden or degenerate over the years.

The Perma Facial Implant™ procedure is performed in less than an hour and leaves no visible scaring and, if requested, is fully reversible or size adjustable. Under local anesthesia (similar to the injections used by dentists, to ‘numb’ an area of the mouth) small incisions are made inside the corners of the lips and the implant is inserted. Click here to schedule an appointment!

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